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ECOS Organic Paints
Unit 19
Heysham Business Park
Middleton Road
Heysham, Lancs UK


ORDERING (only) 01524 852371
F 01524 858978

VAT Number : 525567824
Company Reg Number : 2348100


Ecos Organic Paint Feedback

Who Uses Ecos®

  • Duchy of Cornwall
  • Lush Cosmetics
  • British Museum
  • National Motor Museum
  • National Army Museum
  • Science Museum
  • Brewers Decorators
  • Dulux Decorators
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall - River Cottage
  • Charlie Luxton Interior Designer & Architect C5 TV
  • SouthWest Trains
  • Bristol Cancer Health Hospital
  • 60 Minute Makeover ITV
  • Robert McAlpine Ltd
  • Houses of Parliament
  • Nick Knowles - DIY SOS - BBC TV
  • Grand Designs C4TV
  • Scottish Parliament
  • Holyrood Building
  • Poundbury Village
  • Clarence House
  • Children's Parliament Building
  • UK 2012 Olympic Village
  • Triodos Bank
  • Sunseeker Luxury Yachts
  • Google Inc
  • Liverpool Women's Hospital
  • Steiner Schools
  • National Geographic
  • Heathrow T4
  • Baufritz Homes

  • Customer Comments

    • thanks for your wonderful product.... perfect paint... odourless - Mr K - Bolton
    • out of this world ....light years ahead of anything - Z.B - Tunbridge
    • clients think the finish is superb, most user friendly product ever - E.C. Manchester
    • I loved the paint… easy to use, covered well.... no fumes.... wonderful - J.M - Telford
    • fabulous - E.B.London
    • so impressed with your paints, they are truly wonderful to use - C.F.W - Leominster
    • much better than any other paint I have used - L.C - London
    • excellent paints - PB - London
    • delighted to have found you - M.F - Shepperton
    • the decorators were very pleased - A.R - Barnet
    • a pleasure to use.... excellent - C.G - Rushden
    • I would like to let you know how wonderful your ECOS paint is! - B.M Cards
    • very impressed with the quality & performance of ECOS paints - C.E. Chester
    • outstanding - H.O. - Interior Designer - Harlow
    • so impressed… fantastic!... recommended to all my friends & family. K.B. W.Sussex
    • delighted to find these products - S.C. London
    • I LOVE your paint… so easy to use… & none of the usual stinky vapours. J.N. Cambs
    • Wonderful… fantastic service… quality paint. N.H. Somerset
    • fabulous. A.R. Devon
    • really like your products. S.M. Notts
    • as usual, a joy to use. M.C. London
    • wonderful paints. A.K. Moray
    • marvellous.L.E. York
    • love the colours & textures. J.C. Cumbria
    • very pleased with the results. S.H. Poole
    • horrid odour M.M. Hitchin
    • fantastic...this is it! R.C. Wilts
    • love the paint & service B.D. Furness
    • brilliant! M.G. London
    • your paint is an absolute marvel. R.A. Italy
    • great company H.L. London
    • we just adore your paints...truly amazing. C.F.W. Hereford
    • the very best paint on the market. W.G. London
    • very quick & efficient. D.H. Italy
    • very efficient as always. J.L. Suffolk
    • brilliant! C.J. London
    • 10 years...only ever used Ecos paints. S.S. London
    • great paints, great service, speedy delivery. V.C.B. Birmingham
    • wonderful products - excellent. G.H. Jersey
    • best paints I have ever used. G.C. London
    • quality is superb...odourless. S.F. Kent
    • amazing...odour-free...excellent. V.G. Oldham
    • awesome...impressed B.C.
    • we love the fantastic coverage & opacity J.L.
    • unreservedly impressed S.M. Norfolk
    • excellent speedy service. M.L. Yorkshire
    • we think...your paints are amazing N.M. Welwyn
    • thank you for the products you make. N.L. Lancaster
    • perfect...outstanding customer service! C.E. Stratford
    • very happy customers...fantastic C.H. London
    • extremely pleased with the results G.L.B.M. London
    • colours are absolutely beautiful C.E. Glasgow
    • fabulous paint. E Rogers - Brixton
    • Wonderful products. D. Cox - Crystal Palace
    • Super Efficient as ever. Mary - Wetherby
    • I am an enormous fan of the quality of your paints and I find using them to be a pleasure. MB. - Bolton
    • Incredible paint. SF - Longridge
    • each Ecos product that I have used has been immenssely effective and a pleasure to use. The MDF Passivating Primer and the Atmosphere Purifying Paint have transformed the air quality in the rooms CH - London
    • I said it before but I love your paint. The finish is superb. CK - Cheltenham
    • ...are very impressed. CM - Brighton
    • May I say how delighted I was with your paint and think it is wonderful. FM. Aberdeen
    • we and our decorator are highly impressed with the quality of your products - delighted. LC. Northampton
    • involved in commercial interior design and your product is fantastic. TM. Ontario Canada
    • the paint we have used has been first rate & the decorator thinks so too ! MB. York
    • how much I appreciate the quality of your product & excellent service - thoroughly delighted. GS. Derby
    • really impressed with the quality of the paints, service & sheer joy of decorating without feeling ill from the fumes. JH. Bangor
    • how pleased I am with the paints & the decorator said that they went on very well. SS. Notts
    • how impressed we are with the quality of your products & we recommend them to everyone we know ! PT. Fife
    • Absolutely delighted with your products... so good to use... no smell, easy to apply, great finish… delighted. AL. Glasgow
    • You are the best ! SA. Essex
    • My friend said your products are wonderful & I wish to decorate in an eco-friendly way. HR. E.Sussex
    • colours great, coverage great.... Loved it ! RJ. Chicago USA
    • decorator is so impressed...he would like a colour chart so he can recommend them to other customers. JS. Norfolk
    • how pleased we are with the paint...I am asthmatic...and I have had no side effects whatsoever. MB. Staffs
    • your paints are fantastic.... great to work with, no smell & very versatile...superb...excellent...will be back for more. AS. Surrey
    • can only describe it as bliss to be able to work with your paints whereas with previous paints I felt quite ill. GR. Somerset
    • really liked it...after using other eco-friendly paints, yours is the best. KA. Maryland USA
    • used your paint for 6 years - we absolutely love it !... has always felt so health - giving & clean…wonderful. CG. Northants
    • very pleased with the Ecos Paints we're using... and we're delighted with the results. JW. Hunstanton
    • thank you very much for the swift delivery...Love your range of paints. PD. Gwynedd
    • your paint is the best I've ever used... I have been painting for over 20 years...amazing in every way, a pleasure to use. JA. Lancs
    • we love the paint...colour is perfect & looks fantastic... the paint is a delight to use, as usual. CE. Rugby
    • your paints were fantastic. AR. Glamorgan
    • very happy with the paint. JF. Singapore
    • loyal customers of Ecos Paints for many years. TS.
    • fantastic. A.R. Kent
    • glorious paint APR. London
    • we are very happy with the paint & have used it in every room. PF. Cornwall
    • very good, highly recommended. CK. Essex
    • the contractors were pleased with the finish & lack of fumes. KP. Liverpool
    • the paint was lovely. I.A. Cornwall
    • always recommend Ecos Paints to clients. KK. Worcs
    • super, thanks very much. CW. London
    • used Ecos many times & always been very pleased. JG. London
    • wonderful. EC. Hants
    • very impressed with these paints. ML. Netherlands
    • very happy with the results… lovely. HE.
    • amazing ! Thank you so much. GM. Glastonbury
    • a firm Ecos lover due to your lovely paints. DB.
    • quite possibly the best Matt I've ever used…excellent. DG. Lancs
    • the paint is great - it covers so well. HB. Surrey
    • been a big fan of yours for a while now. HS. Cambridge
    • very happy with it - no smell at all. PG. Kilmarnock
    • loved them so much…I want to repaint the whole house ! CH. Herts
    • wow ! JC. Sussex
    • wonderful - would highly recommend. MDS.
    • a joy to use - quality product ! MS. Argyll
    • my third order in as many weeks - it is great. AR. Tonbridge
    • very impressed…the colour matches were brilliant. I.A.
    • coverage & finish were excellent. G.P. Berkshire
    • wonderful ! .... unbelievable superior quality paint. C.H. Herts
    • delightful to work with… really pleased. R.M. Suffolk
    • I love your paints. T.V. London
    • so much easier to use … I love it. H.B. Surrey
    • really nice… weird painting without any smell. B.D. Bristol
    • I really appreciate the quality of your products. F.S. France
    • Ecos - as ever fantastic. C.B. Glos
    • we'll be back for more - we are very impressed ! J.M. Orkney
    • thanks so much for delivering such an outstanding service ! K.D. Herts
    • delighted with the results, which I had not expected to be so good.R.P. Argyll
    • very impressed indeed with the quality of the paint & ease of use. M.L. Belgium
    • been using your paints for years & think they are great. C.M. Edinburgh
    • I am a decorator using your excellent products… great products. D.B.
    • Wonderful ! M.M. Italy
    • the paints are lovely & transform our natural parenting centre. N.H. Glos.
    • your product is wonderful. H.M.S. Illinois
    • your lovely paint. J.W.
    • thank you for fabulous service ! M.E. Devon
    • very pleased… customer service is outstanding. S.B.
    • yet again – excellent. H.B. Malaga, Spain.
    • many thanks for an incredibly efficient service. D.A. Devon
    • outstanding ! God bless whoever thought of making the stuff ! R.F.
    • delighted… outstanding… truly stunning… worth every penny. P.D. Cornwall
    • Ecos white did the job in 1 coat…worked perfectly. C.K. London
    • great customer service & great products…absolutely lovely. S.B. Wilts
    • your paint is by far the best…love the fact it doesn’t pong. R.A. Berwick
    • prompt, efficient courteous service. I’ll be back ! J.F. Yorkshire
    • such wonderful products…true joy to use Ecos paints. R.S. Worcs
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*Please Note

The colour Buttercup is best on a white background. Tango, Acid Yellow & Lime all require a white background. The colours Signal & Crimson require our special basecoat

*Please adjust your PC to default settings for best results - we suggest matchpots for actual colour testing.